I offer the following services privately, by appointment only.


My tarot readings use imagery and symbolism from Astronomy, Celtic Paganism, Druidry and Witchcraft. I currently work with the DruidCraft Tarot in a planetary spread, with a total of seven cards. All tarot readings are $20, and I do not place a time limit on them.


My oracle readings call on the wisdom of animals and plants sacred to the Druid tradition. I work with the Druid Animal and Druid Plant oracle decks, pulling three cards from each deck. These are beautiful cards, rich with symbolism. Oracle readings are $20.


I make my own votive spell candles from 100% pure beeswax, with herbs and essential oils added. I make candles for meditation, healing and all manner of spellwork. I also make devotional candles for various Celtic deities, such as Cerridwen, Morrigan, Manannan Mac Lir, Brigid and Lugh. Votive spell candles are $10.00 each.


Witch bottles are an old form of magic that dates back to the 17th century. The bottles were first made for protection and were believed to counteract spells, protect against magical attack, or draw in and trap harmful intentions directed toward their owners. Although this practice is centuries old, many witches still make them today, with carefully chosen ingredients, not only for protection but also for healing and well-wishes. All of my spell bottles are unique and one of a kind. Each comes with a magical charm and handwritten spell attached. Spell bottles are $30 each.


The Ogham is an ancient Celtic alphabet that consists of twenty symbols that each correspond to a specific tree. These symbols are used for divination and are carved onto pieces of wood from each tree represented. For these readings, three ogham staves are pulled from the small wooden box I keep them. Ogham readings are $15.


The practice of divination using numbers is an ancient art, taught by early magicians such as Pythagoras and Cornelius Agrippa. In Numerology, numbers have a special meaning. My numerology readings can help you get a better understanding of your personality and life’s path. Numerology readings are $20.


An ancient Celtic manuscript reveals that the body contains three cauldrons, located in the head, heart and belly. These rule over areas related to psychic, spiritual and physical health. As a certified Reiki II practitioner, I developed this energy healing technique to help restore balance to three cauldrons. Aromatherapy, crystals and guided meditation are also incorporated into this practice. A half hour treatment is $30. A full hour is $50.


Your astrological birth chart provides information to help understand your personality, your talents, abilities and personal potential. Your chart will give insight on how the planets and signs affect specific areas of your life. You will receive a copy of your birth wheel, along with detailed descriptions of how each planet affects your present and future. To get the most accurate birth chart, you must provide your exact time of birth, date of birth and place of birth. Birth Charts are $20.


Occasionally I offer classes on the following topics.

  • Meditation and Creative Visualization
  • Witchcraft Through The Ages
  • Crystal and Plant Magic
  • The Old Ways Witch
  • The Art of Spellcasting
  • Cerridwen and the Cauldron of Awen
  • Sacred Days of the Witch