Elemental Protection Talismans For The Home

Elemental protection talismans are fairly easy to make, and the entire creation process infuses your own energy into them. The talismans work through energy, intention and vibration by including time-honored magical correspondences. You will make your talismans during a waxing moon phase.

A simple way to make them is by using polymer (oven bake) clay. You will need four different colors of clay: Green, Yellow, Red and Blue. Each of these will represent one of the four directions and the element associated with them. Green represents the Earth and the direction of the North. Yellow represents Air and the direction of the East. Red represents Fire and the direction of the South. Blue represents Water and the direction of the West. You will make one talisman for each color, a total of four. Before working with your clay, begin gathering the dried herbs to be placed inside the talismans. Here are some suggestions:

Green/Earth: Patchouli, Oak Moss, Vervain.

Yellow/Air: Lavender, Lemongrass, Mistletoe.

Red/Fire: Cinnamon, Clove, Mandrake Root.

Blue/ Water: Chamomile, Datura, Valerian.

Note: Mistletoe, Mandrake and Datura are all poisonous, so handle with care. These are included for extra protection, but you may choose less toxic herbs, as long as they correspond to their elements.

Making Your Talismans:

  • As you make each talisman, work the clay with your fingers to soften it up a bit.
  • As you form your clay, place the herbs into each talisman according to their color and element. Continue forming your clay until the herbs are spread throughout.
  • Shape each one into a 3” x 3” disc, about a half an inch thick.
  • Carve any magical symbols you desire onto the surface of the clay. These may include pentacles, runes, ogham, elemental, planetary glyphs or simply the words “Protect This House”.
  • Next you will place them in the oven to bake on low heat, no more than three minutes. If you are fortunate enough to have a clay oven, this is ideal, but a standard oven will work.
  • Allow talismans to cool.
  • At this point,you may choose to cover each talisman with a glossy glaze and allow to dry. This will help seal everything inside and give them a shiny, translucent appearance.
  • Charge your talismans one at a time. Hold each one in both hands, close your eyes and take several deep breaths until you reach a meditative state. Say three times, “I charge this talisman to protect my home from all harmful energies”. In your mind’s eye, visualize bright light coming out of the talisman and forming a shield around your home. Visualize this shield in each elemental color as you charge your talismans.
  • For the final step, you will bury the talismans at the four sides of your home. Bury the green talisman at the north side, the yellow talisman at the east, the red talisman at the south and the blue talisman at the west. When they are all buried, they will form a protective ward around your home. Try to bury them at least three feet deep, or as close as you can get so that they won’t be dug up by pets or wild animals. Your elemental protection talismans should work for as long as your live in your home.
Elemental Protection Talismans

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